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kreis.gif NDO is OpenSource: NDO is OpenSource software under the GPL licence. You can find a project site for NDO under You can download the NDO binaries from there. If you use NDO under the GPL, you must make sure, that the users of your work can receive the source codes under the GPL (or a compatible licence) too. You can find support for the use of NDO in our Support Forum. Help with compiling or packaging NDO is provided at our Sourceforge project site

Commercial Licence

You might consider puchasing a commercial licence from us
if distributing your source codes to your customers is not an option for you or
if you want to have guaranteed support.

kreis.gif No royalties: You only pay per developer seat. The DLLs that are developed with the help of NDO and the NDO framework DLLs can be distributed without any fee. 

kreis.gif One year subscription: Together with the license you get support and obtain the right to receive all updates of NDO for one year. After this period the subscription can be prolonged for a special price.

kreis.gif Shorter Update Intervals: For owners of commercial licences we distribute updates with bug fixes or new features in shorter time intervals.

kreis.gif Guaranteed reaction time: During the subscription time we guarantee a reaction for the Pro- and the Enterprise editions within 2 workdays. Support is given by email (where we might arrange a telephone call with you) and in our support forum.

kreis.gif Project support: We also offer training and support for integrating NDO into your projects. Please contact us for an offer.

  Enterprise Licence

In Warenkorb

Price* in US$


Price** in EUR excl. VAT

798,- € 

Developer seats 1
Max. number of classes No Limit
Max. number of objects No Limit
Max. number of persistent fields in a class No Limit
DDL Script Generator
Dataset Generator
Lazy Loading
1:1, 1:n, n:n relations
Cascading Update and Delete
Composites and Aggregates
Statical Test of Query Code
Inheritance of Persistent Fields
Add-in Interfaces
User Defined Database Handler
Oracle and MySql Support
Visual Mapping Tool
Object Cache with Rollback
Inherited Relations
SQL Protocol Functions
SQL Pass Through
90 Day EMail Support
API for Mapping Information
Database -> C# Class Converter
Distributed Transactions
Serializable ObjectContainer
Offline PersistenceManager
Serializable ChangeSets


Subscription Renewal



Before Expiration*


398,- €

After Expiration


550,- €

* Payment in US$ is only possible if you are located in a country outside Europe.

** In certain european countries (as long as you can not state a VAT-ID) and in Germany 19% VAT are added. Special discounts apply for more than 4 licenses.