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 NDO 1.2 SP 2 Release Notes  

NDO 1.2 SP 2 Release Notes:

The SP 2 contains all changes made in SP 1 and the following additional changes:
Feature: NDO reflects changes made in the extensibility model with VS 2005 SP 1. We strongly recommend using the VS SP 1 together with NDO 1.2 SP 2. Download VS 2005 SP1 here.
Bug: NDO touched the .ndoproj file during each compiler run.
Bug: NDOEnhancer error message 'The item doesn't exist in this collection' during compilation.
Feature: The NDO Firebird Provider is now based on Firebird ADO.NET Provider
Feature: The NDO MySql Provider is now based on DataConnector .NET
Feature: A new NDO Provider for PostgreSql is part of the NDO distribution. It is based on Npgsql and runs under Windows and Mono.
Feature: NDO applications run under Mono as well. We used the PostgreSql Provider to run the NDO test suite under Mono on Windows and Linux. Note: The NDO assembly enhancer needs the Microsoft .NET Platform to run correctly.

Important change: We changed the registry key which tells NDO the provider directory. That might affect your applications, if you are using Firebird, MySql or an own NDO provider. NDO will find the providers under the old key too, but you are on the safe side, if you run the UserSetup.msi on your customers systems while deploying the new NDO.dll. Note, that the NDO installation writes the new key in the registry of your development machines automatically.

NDO 1.2 SP 1 Release Notes:

Feature: The NDO Firebird Provider is now based on Firebird ADO .NET Provider 2.0 RC 1
Feature: The NDO Users Guide has been completely rewritten in english language.
Feature: The NDO Users Guide and NDO Reference are now integrated in the Visual Studio help system.
Bug: Mapping Tool: FileNotFound Exception during the start phase.
Bug: Null-Pointer Exception in some cases, if a Relation has been selected in the Mapping Tool.
Bug: NDO appears as Beta Version instead of Release Version in the Add-in-Manager of VS 2005 .
Bug: During Compilation of Web Sites and Web Services an error message appears, stating that a DLL can’t be found.
Bug: Mapping Tool: A “Missing Resources” error message appears, if a property is added to a mapping file item.
Bug: Return type of NDOQuery<T>.ExecuteSingle(bool) was IPersistenceCapable instead of T.
Bug: NDOMapping API: Changed Property isn’t true after changing the table name of a class mapping.
Bug: “Use Time Stamps” option in the NDO configuration dialog overwrites existing time stamp column with the standard column name “NDOTimeStamp”.
Bug: In some cases a debug message appears: ************ can't assign System.Collections.Generic.IList`1[[…]] to IList. The message is harmless, the code works as expected.
Bug: Query Conditions with literals containing periods, like that: "firstContactDate='1.1.2000'" may produce an error, if a prefetch is used in the query.
Bug: Using a prefetch for a n:1 bidirectional relation may cause an exeption stating a constraint violation if several result objects of the query reference the same child object.
Bug: With Databases which do not support bulk commands, but support autogenerated ids (i.e. Access), NDO didn’t include the read commands for the autogenerated ids in a running transaction, thus generating an exeption during Save().
Feature: In the "Add new Persistent Class" dialog there is an additional check box for creating serializable classes.