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The following conditions apply to the commercial licence:

kreis.gif No royalties: You only pay per developer seat. The DLLs developed using NDO and the NDO framework DLLs can be distributed without any fee. 

kreis.gif One year subscription: Together with the license you obtain the right to receive all updates of NDO for one year. We'll notify you, if updates are available. After this period you can prolong the subscription for a special price.

kreis.gif Guaranteed reaction time: During the support period we guarantee a reaction within 2 workdays. Support is given by email (if needed, a telefone call can be arranged via email). Generally support is given for all editions including the OpenSource licence, but we can not guarantee a reaction time. For all editions our support forum is available for any requests.

Choose the edition you want to purchase or download by clicking on the name.

NDO Trial Edition V. 2.0
Use our OpenSource licence to evaluate NDO. Note, that for distributing closed source software you need a commercial licence (Enterprise Edition). Download and test NDO today! 

NDO Enterprise Edition V. 2.0
The enterprise edition supports all features shown at the licences page. With the concept of distributable containers, objects and object systems can be marshaled over process and machine borders easily. Includes a one year subscription for all updates and EMail Support. You will be notified about new updates via Email.

Subscription prolongation
Drop us a message for a subscription prolongation at info(at)