Wednesday, May 23, 2018

How NDO Works » Mapping

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Database mapping information, such as which classes are mapped to which tables and which fields are mapped to which columns, is stored in an XML file called the mapping file. The mapping file can be changed to reflect changes in the database structure and the changes can be made without recompiling your application.

The NDO Enhancer generates a default version of the mapping file while your project is compiling in Visual Studio. The default mappings follow certain naming conventions. And the generated file can easily be adapted to the database settings.

The Enhancer also generates a SQL script. The script allows you to generate a database structure matching the mapping file settings. The script can be generated for different databases like SQL Server®, Oracle®, MySql® or Access®.

A GUI tool is available for changing entries of the mapping file (currently in beta-state). It can be used with Visual Studio or stand-alone. There is also an API which allows you to change the contents of the mapping file programmatically.