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 Tutorial Videos  

Use our tutorial videos to learn how to use NDO. Starting with the introductory video we'll provide the whole NDO tutorial in video form in the next few weeks. Please check regularly for new chapters.

Just click at the headline to stream the video. Right click at the headline and choose "Save Target..." to save the .wmv file.

kreis.gif Tutorial Part I Creating Persistent Classes, Storing and Retrieving Objects (8:35 min)
In this part we start from scratch with an empty Visual Studio solution. We'll create a persistent class Employee in a class library project and will use this class in a console application. We'll create an instance of the class, make it persistent and retrieve it, using a simple query.

kreis.gif Container Based Replication 
This video shows how to use the application described in this article. The article describes a system consisting of a Website and a Desktop Application which both use the same set of persistent business classes. Thus they can share the same logic on the web server and on the desktop machines. While the Web Application provides an online catalog and the possibility of ordering products online, the Desktop Application can be used to send bills and process payment. The two applications communicate with each other using a Web Service and share a subset of the same data. But the Web Server needs to work with it's own database. Therefore we need a possibility to transfer objects from the Desktop Application to the Web Server and vice versa. NDO allows the replication of objects using distributable object containers.

kreis.gif Tutorial Part II Working with relations (soon available here)
In this part we introduce some more persistent classes and show, how to implement relations with different cardinalities. We also show how to retrieve objects and object trees with queries.

Important Note

You are allowed to download the videos for free and make any numbers of copies and distibute it as you like. You're not allowed to change the videos in any way and to distribute changed versions of the videos.

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